Resources - plan a trip

Malc Prentice

THis is for projects where you plan a trip.

I've you've never done this before, here are some suggestions for useful tools and ideas.

These are real suggestions - this is how I usually plan a trip.

Think about these options when you are deciding whether to do a DIY study abroad or a package.



I use the tools below to find a flight, but I often end up booking it directly through the airline page (more flexibility for times).


I like trains

I use Seat61 to see if it's a good option: (link)

Answer in west europe is often "yes", answer elsewhere often "no"

Usually you book through individual country websites. See Seat61 for advice.


Usually not a good idea. Expect long delays in busy times.

Flixbus ( (link) ) seems to go places in Europe where trains don't.



Finding hotels: Hotels: (link) cross-referenced with TripAdvisor reviews (link)

Actually booking hotels I use (they have a simple loyalty system): (link)


AirBNB can be good, but depends on city and time: (link)


Try (link)

Some search engines also show hostels. In fact it is often no clear what you are booking.

Be careful - they're not necessarily cheap. Private rooms sometimes cost almost the same as a hotel for popular city in summer

Same as AirBNB - depends on place and time.

I've stayed in some great places in countryside Scotland

Dorms are not for everyone. However, when I was younger, they were a good place to meet people.

Things to do

Things not to do

Research possible risks - FCO: (link)



Offline maps for when there is no wifi: