Schedules - Syllabus for British Culture

Malc Prentice

Aims (到達目標)

This course is a content-based communicative class that introduces British Culture. It is a required module for Yokohama City University students wishing to be certified as High School or Junior High School teachers. Students will approach the culture of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales from a variety of perspectives; read and listen to authentic materials; conduct research, discuss, and share findings in four reports/presentations.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

In addition, the learning goals as future teachers are:

Outline (授業内容)

In each project, students will find, collect and share research before working on assessed group or individual presentation of findings as a poster, presentation, or essay.

In Spring

Students will approach British Culture through four perspectives – Places, Words, People, and Influence.

In Fall

Materials (使用書 / 参考書)

Assessment (評価方法)

Syllabus (授業計画) for Semester 1

In each 3/4 week cycle, students will research a topic, present findings to a partner, discuss and choose an interesting aspect of the topic, then prepare a presentation for the group. There will be homework for each class, either researching a topic or preparing a presentation/essay.

Class 1: Introduction

HW1: Choose and research a British World Heritage site.

Class 2: Places: Sharing research

HW2: Write an essay about a world heritage site

Class 3. Places: Checking.

HW3: Draft 2 of essay

Class 4. Words: Introduction to British authors.

HW4: Choose and research one lesser known British author.

Class 5. Words: Sharing Research

Start preparing your group presentation about the author and the book.


Class 6. Words: Project preparation 1

HW 5: Finish preparing your script and props

Class 7. Words: Project preparation 2

HW 5: Finish preparing

Class 8. Words: Project presentation day.

Perform your pieces for the class

HW: Start research for "Society" project

Topic Starter Questions

Class 9. Society: Introduction to British Social issues

HW: Prepare your poster

Class 10. Society: Practice

HW: Finish & Practice your Presentation

Again, use feedback to improve your presentation content

Practice your presentation skills

Print a new improved A4 copy for the wall

Print a new improved "notes" copy. I will take this

Class 11. Society: Poster presentation day

You have 10 minutes each in your groups of 7-8

You will stick your poster to the wall

You will stand in front of it

You will explain

You will answer any questions

HW10: Write 100 words about what you learned on poster day.

HW: none

Class 12: Catch up & Start Final Project

DO: any leftover presentations

LEARN: About commonwealth and crown territories (video link on website) HW: Choose a territory

Choose topic

Places (What/where it is, what happened & what we can do now if we go.)

Stories ( A legend, myth, famous Author + Story)

Society (Religion, Education, Gender etc. Choose three topics)

Research your topic

Essays: check

Posters: Practice

HW: Rewrite and practice more

Class 13. Influence: Introduction to the final project

Introduction to the Commonwealth, Territories & Dependencies

HW: Prepare one more powerpoint poster with notes. 12 slide minimum.

Describe the country - its history, its link to the UK, plus any interesting topics from those previously covered

e.g. famous tourist sites, stories, social issues, music, food, how to get there, what I can do there now.

Class 14. Influence: Share research, practice and check your presentations in small groups.

DO: Tell your group about your country

Choose Poster Presentation or Essay

HW: Do your poster or essay

Class 15. Influence: Present/Submit final project to whole class.

Hand in essays.

Do last poster presentations

Vocab test

Notebook Check

HW: Research one small area of the UK

Last class.

TELL your group about your research on Counties and cities of the UK.

Rules (授業運営)

If you do not do the homework, you will have nothing to work on in class.

Forget your homework twice, and you will be marked absent.

Buy a notebook for class - all notes and homework should go in the notebook.